June 2022 New Minecraft Servers to check out

See who has be getting crafty with the below new servers!

New Minecraft Servers

ATM7 – Nexus

Welcome to All The Mods 7 – Nexus! A modded Forge 1.18.2 server running the latest version (v0.4.12) of the mod pack “All the mods 7”, please remember that we have setup rules in this server before you join!

We also have a Discord server for Community updates, announcements and general Socializing. Why not come down and check the server out? 😀


RoguePvP Is a unique factions There are 6 Rankup Ranks, 4 Donator Ranks & 4 Staff Ranks! * There are 4 custom hoppers every one of them have a different use!
( Break, Mob, Grind & Crop )
* crates have 500+ rewards inside and are fully animated!
* Custom Tags
* Harvester hoes
* Chunk busters
* Factions top
* Money pouches
* Jackpot
* Magic table
* Envoys
* Portals, Etc


Welcome to our Factions server. Please enjoy yourselves and refer to the Discord for any Help, Tips, Rewards, and more fun. Make friends, join a Faction, and make some money!


Soloris is an SMP Java server, featuring land claiming, economy-based ranks for unlocking abilities, an economy powered by jobs & player trade, and much more! Features include quest scrolls, item pickup disabler, artmaps, rotation wrench, custom crafting recipes, and much more!

We also feature custom boss fights and minigames including our splatoon-themed game, Paintrush!

NFT Worlds SMP

Do you have what it takes to be the last one standing? Will you scavenge for resources and craft equipment? Or, will you team up with friends to maintain safety as you work together?

Welcome to the NFT Worlds SMP server where your decisions and actions directly affect your chances of survival. Engage in epic PvP battles or choose to build to the lengths of your imagination.

– Anti-griefing
– Player vs Player combat
– Creative build mode
– Earn $WRLD for every hour you play, paid into your wallet every 4 days

New Minecraft Servers to Check Out


DawnHaven is a Safe, Friendly, PvE Survival, No-Griefing server.

We have a fantastic community built around respect, and take pride in giving every one of our players a safe, fun environment to play in for hours.

We also make sure to recruit only the most friendly and helpful of staff members, and aim to provide a safe, fun environment to ALL of our valuable members, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religion.


The official Alan Becker Minecraft server! Come check out our newest gamemodes of Survival, Factions, Creative and so much more!

Mythical Empires

-= Mythical Empires =-
– Gems and Money
– Rpg Kingdoms
– Jobs
– Skills
– Dungeons and Guilds
– Auctions
– Events
– Discord Support
– Active staff
– Friendly community

Peaceful Vanilla

1.18.X | Enjoy a peaceful vanilla experience, with no grief, no pay to win ranks and no PvP outside arenas. Play like you do on single player, but with friends! With no worries. LGBTQ+ Friendly Minecraft Server.


LuckyCraft is a Dutch server that strives to get to the top, we have among others:

– Cool events, often big on Sundays;
– Cozy community;
– Regular updates;
– quests;
– Battle pass;
– 200+ custom enchants;
– Skills;
– Vehicles;

And much more. In the future we will release even more gamemodes.

New Minecraft Servers to Check Out

New Minecraft Servers

StoneWood Semi-Vanila

StoneWood 1.18 .2 is a friendly and relaxing server that seeks to preserve Minecraft’s original semi-vanilla experience. The world is purely 1.18 and it’s generated with the new cave generation. Come explore and build with your friends or check out our player based economy. Check out our spawn, every creation was done in vanilla by our fellow players . Interested in building something in our spawn? Join us now!we are a small community looking to get more players, we want to create anything that our mind can think of , How minecraft was originally meant to be played.-Anti-grief-Plots-Plot Protection-Chest Protection-No cheat- and more 😀 This server is for everyone to hangout and build together, have events, and have fun build create and inspire! join us now!!

Simple Bending 1.18

Featuring the Project Korra plugin to spice up regular Minecraft combat! alongside the BendingGUI plugin to make binding easier than ever.And the Jobs Reborn plugin, for simple money making.We also use Quickshop for easy, protected player shops.With quality of life plugins like Graves, SilkSpawner, SmoothTimber, and more!–STAFF AND BUILDERS WANTED—-RULES—no griefing (raiding is allowed)-no chat spam-be chill-help others (sometimes)-no hacking

GoldMine MC

Minecraft’s very first GoldMine SMP server, join today for a great experience! The aim of the game is to explore our goldmines, fight for gold and buy more hearts with the limited gold that’s generated in each mine!Custom mine events run every 30 minutes, you could be the winner!PLEASE NOTE: This is not a PRISON server it’s a brand new game mode so come and give it a go!Everything attainable in-game via our credits system.


A Box server that has recently released with active players and fun, original concepts

Capital Gaming

A vanilla focused server that has Towny, Economy, Anticheat, Casino, Discord, Skilling and light roleplay elements. Create your own town or faction and attempt to become the Emperor. If your ambitions are not that high, you can become a merchant and create a store or you can just play survival and play regular minecraft.

Finding a New Minecraft Server to play

Not everyone wants to jump on an established, busy and overwhelming server where there are hundreds, if not thousands, of players.

Sometimes all you want is a little piece, quite and enthusium from a freshly created Minecraft Server you can sink your teeth into.

Minecraft servers come in many shapes and sizes. From small private servers to huge public servers, or even public servers with player-controlled villages. With so many options, where do you start?

How to find a New Minecraft Server

There are many lists out the in the big world wide web of the Internet. Most, if not all, have the options to display their latest added servers.

New Minecraft Servers

Simply jump on a server list and check out their New Minecraft Server pages which are usally displayed in reverse chronological order.

Other sort options to try are:

  • number of online players
  • votes-total

So support the new servers by jumping on and giving them a go. If you think they are any good then be sure to leave a review!

Promote your Minecraft Server through Paid Sponsorships

*Server List Sponsorships
Server list sponsorships generally means paying to be at the top of a server list website for a certain amount of time. The reason why this is the best way has to do with the users. Almost all visitors to these websites are looking for a new server to play on. So if you pay to be at the top of the list, your server has a much better chance of being the server they want to play on. Depending on the popularity of the site, you can expect an increase from a few hundred to a few thousand users per day.

One downside of server list sponsorships is that they can get quite expensive (the price can range from $10 to over $10,000 in some cases), so for most server owners, unless you plan to make money from your Minecraft server, it’s better to go with cheaper alternatives. However, if you choose this option, players who join the server often stay until well after the sponsored slot ends, keeping the community and player base strong!

*Google Ad Campaign
Another way to promote your server is through a Google Ads campaign. Our studies have shown that Google Ads are a mixed bag. They are often quite expensive for the amount of players you get, and unless you spend more than $100 per day, you are unlikely to see results. However, for servers that can afford the cost, using ads can provide a moderate increase in players, though not as much as YouTuber messages or server list sponsorships.